Salvatore Caiozzo

Rhode Islanders
deserve better,
Let me fight for you!

For U.S. Congress
Rhode Island
2nd District

  • Salvatore Caiozzo served our country and wants to serve you as your Congressman.
  • Founder of
  • Host of
  • Small Business owner
  • Disabled Veteran
  • Not a Politician but a Public Servant

Rhode Island First

  • Abolish Rhodeworks Tolls! When Rhode Islanders said no, the Politicians said yes.
  • Hire the poor and homeless to restore abandoned property, offer more affordable housing, and allow them a subsidy to cover first/last month’s rent…
  • Improve the healthcare system by adding more staff, mobile treatment teams, affordable medical care to address addictions and disabilities…
  • Create incentives to small businesses and keep our jobs here…
  • Increase the response time for all Veterans seeking their deserved benefits by streamlining the system and allowing for more personnel to meet directly with each Veteran in need, making the VA held accountable…